Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fair Isle Knitting

Since quit some time I have been wondering about Fair Isle knitting. With this technique the most wonderful things are made. But I never sat down and tried to do it myself. A few months ago I got this wonderful book

image And this book kept asking me why I didn’t pick up my needles and tried. So after I saw this Video I didn’t have any excuses anymore. I took some yarn and I just got started. Trying several patterns from the book just to practise the stitches.

Picture 020It is getting easier as I go on. The most wonderful thing about this way of knitting is not only the fantastic front, but the back to. All the yarn is woven in and this makes absolutely a thick warm fabric.

Picture 023 

I know what I will be doing for the next few days.

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Crochet with Raymond said...

Oh my! well done! It's amazing! I am in awe of fair isle knitters! have you seen She is knitting a fair isle dress! you will like!