Monday, July 19, 2010

New scarf

The last few days I spend exploring Ravelry . It is really amazing what people can make with yarn and a hook or some needles. The patterns are amazing and it was really hard for me to make a choice of what I wanted to do.  Something which I found absolutely astonishing was an Afghan by Laura Aylor, called Lizard Ridge. It has a wonderful pattern with amazing colours. Because I just wanted to make something with my stash, I got my bag out and made a of the colours I am going to use.

Picture 004

Picture 005

The returning colour shall be dark blue, so that on a blue background something like a rainbow emerges.

Picture 020

So far, I’m quite happy with it.


Patz said...

Hello there :-D
I am new to crochet, and by that medium, to Ravelry as well :-)
I was spending some time visiting other people's creations, and am amazed at all the things people can do with a hook and some yarn, just like you said! I never knew!! Now it feels like I won't have enough with one lifetime ;-D
I like your latest project :-)

Muriel said...

dear dorien, you do very nice thing in knitting and crochet.. i like specially the difficult one that i think i will never be able to do. congratulations