Saturday, October 18, 2014

Magical and enchanting

Hello, how nice of you to come and visit. I’m back! It has been an awesome week, and I’m afraid I’m going to share a lot of pictures with you. So grab a cup of tea, a couple of cookies and have a seat.


Although the temperature was quite perfect for a trip, there were a lot of clouds which made this view not as perfect as I would have hoped, but I think you can see enough to guess where I’ve been…..

Right, I was in Istanbul. And what a wonderful and amazing place this is.

Above you can see a view on the Golden Horn, with in the background Galata Bridge.

Of course we went to see all the highlights, which were very conveniently all on walking distance from our hotel.

Blue Mosque


Hagia Sophia



Topkapi Palace




All these buildings showed such wealth, such extravagance, that it sometimes (in my opinion) just was too much. But it is amazing to see how everything is put together, the architecture of these ancient buildings, the magnificence and grandeur.

Of course, going to a place like Istanbul you have to see all these things, but what I liked much more, was to see Istanbul how it nowadays is.

A little bit of both, ancient and contemporary are the bazaars with so many fragrances and colours, all the little streets, the noise, the liveliness.






It was breathtaking to walk here; the prices they ask were quite high, and you have to bargain. But I’m awful at haggling and higgling, so I didn’t actually buy anything.

The last day we were in town, we went for a long walk, across  the quarter of Sultanahmet, over the Galata Bridge, to Beyoğlu, right up to Taksim Square, and back through the small alleys. In retrospect, this was my favorite day.








It is hard to believe we’ve only seen a very small part of the European part of Istanbul. The Asian part, we haven’t been to at all. So, despite of this overload of pictures, it only represents a small part of this enchanting city.

Groetjes, Dorien

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Washcloth Wednesday #6

Hello, welcome to a new Washcloth Wednesday. This time I have a 2-colour pattern for you. At least, I made it with 2 colours, but you can make it with as many colours you like; because of the texture of the pattern, even a solid cloth would be great.


Round 1: dc into 4th stitch from hook, dc into next st, *skip 2 stitches, ch2, dc into next 2 stitches* , repeat * * until end

Round 2 and all even rounds: ch2 (= 1st hdc), hdc into same stitch, * skip 2 stitches, ch2, dc into both skipped stitches 2 rounds below *, repeat * * until end, ch2, hdc into last st


Round 3 and all odd rounds:  (new colour), ch2, * dc into both skipped stitches 2 rounds below, ch2, skip 2 stitches *, repeat * * until end, dc into last skipped stitches, hdc into last stitch.

Repeat round 2 and 3 until desired height.


Final round:  ch2(= 1st hdc), hdc into same stitch, * hdc into both dc, dc into both skipped stitches 2 rounds below*, repeat * * until end, hdc into last 3 stitches.


Next week I will skip Washcloth Wednesday, because I’m going away for a few days on a trip to a wonderful city. It is a very photogenic place, so I’m planning on making lots of pictures to show and tell.

Groetjes, Dorien

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A huge surprise and an important question

A little while ago I received a question for using one of the photographs of my Happy Colours Blanket. The person asking was making a series of chapters  about designing with color. Every chapter is published separately, and is also available in an audio format. Of course I said she could use the picture(s). And in our correspondence I mentioned I was already an admirer of her work; her yarns look really amazing.

Now you’re wondering about who I’m talking. Her shop is called colorshiftyarn, and the very kind Erica Heftmann is the owner. Her self dyed yarns look absolutely yummie. Her trademark is yarns in gradated colours, inviting the knitter to create the most wonderful items.

As a thank you, she promised me to send me some yarn, and this weekend her package arrived.


This isn’t at all what I expected; so many colours, looking already beautiful in this package.


Wonderful Autumn colours, browns, oranges, yellows and greens; such a great palette. I already know what to make with them: a new scarf with leaves and flowers in Autumn colours, maybe some acorns and pumpkins too. I did make such a scarf before, but I want to try and make more different shapes and some actual Fall flowers. Before using this soft, gorgeous yarn, I’ll try and figure out some patterns with scraps and leftovers.


Finally, I have a question for you. The Happy Colours Blanket is a huge succes and the tutorial has been used by lots of people to make a huge variety of projects. I would love to make a kind of collage of these projects. So if you have made a blanket, a pillow, a bag or anything else, using the tutorials for the Happy Colours Blanket, I would love it if you could send me a picture of your finished project. If you have a blog it would be great if you mention the URL, because then I can link to you. If you don’t have a blog, that’s perfectly fine too; then I will just mention your (first) name. On the right side bar of this blog, you can find a button “EMAIL”, please use this to send me your pictures. I’m really looking forward to seeing them.

Groetjes, Dorien

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Washcloth Wednesday #5

It’s Wednesday again, so here I have a new pattern for a washcloth for you. And today it is a knitting pattern.

It is a very easy pattern, with a nicely textured fabric as a result.
Start with a multiple of 4 st + 3 st.
Row 1: k all stitches
Row 2:
k all stitches
Row 3 + 5:
* k3, sl 1 st as if you would purl *, repeat * *, end with k3
Row 4:
* p3, sl 1 st as if you would purl *, repeat * *, end with p3
Row 6:
k all stitches
Row 7 + 9:
k1, sl 1 st as if you would purl, * k3, sl 1 st as if you would purl * , repeat * *, sl 1 st as if you would purl, k1

Now you repeat rows 2-9.

In a chart it looks like this:(row 2-9)

   І    І
   І    І
   І    І
   •    •    •    •    •    •    •
   •    •    •    •    •    •    •
• = k
І = sl 1 st as if you would purl, your yarn is always on the back of your work.
Row 3-5 you repeat the first 4 stitches and end with the last 3.
Row 7-9 the repeat is stitches 3-6.
Groetjes, Dorien

PS: I'm very sorry about the layout of this post; It just isn't working out today how I would like it to be.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

……… Wednesday


Isn’t this a wonderful splash of colour?  I found these fabrics at a huge market last week, and I simply couldn’t resist.


One of the colours which I don’t have much of is purple, so I’m always happy when I can find it. The other fabrics I just liked a lot, and it is nice when you can use the same fabric in different colours in one project, so that is why a few of these were chosen.

Now I know, you were expecting another Washcloth pattern, but unfortunately this week life really took over, and I just don’t have one for you today. Hopefully next week is going to be a bit more quiet.

Something I did finish is another dress/tunica.


If you look at this photo you would expect the fabric to be a beautiful linen. Nothing of the kind.


It’s fabric used for sweaters. Very warm and it’s wonderful to wear.


The fabric was made of panels of ca. 110 cm, going from light turquoise via purple flowers on green background, to a dark green colour. The length of the panels was perfect for the pattern.


The neckline is very simple; a bit square.

All in all a simple dress to make in 1 evening, although it took me almost 3 days.

Now, the rest of the day I’ll be reading about Erasmus, a very interesting man, whom I should know about because of my study. It is amazing what he has written, both the amount as the content. And I know I usually don’t say anything about more current events in the world, but with everything going on, I think the ideas of this man of 5 centuries ago are very wise and applicable, as one of his ideas was about tolerance.

Groetjes, Dorien

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Washcloth Wednesday #4


And today I have for you another bright red washcloth with a beautiful textured stitch in crochet. Worked with a double strand to obtain a soft , thick fabric.


Start with chaining a multiple of 4 + 2

Row 1: ch1, sc into every stitch

Row 2: ch3, *skip 1st, dc into next 3 st, dc into skipped st *, repeat * *, end with dc into last st

Repeat rows 1 and 2, end with row 1.


With a little with felt covered bar of soap this looks like a perfect gift for the holidays, doesn’t it?

Groetjes, Dorien

Monday, September 15, 2014

Blue Monday

Hello on this wonderful Monday. Time just went so fast this weekend, that I again didn’t have the opportunity to answer your lovely comments. But they are very much appreciated, so THANK YOU!!


As you can see we still have beautiful weather, and it is hard to imagine fall should start next week. Only all of these little spiders everywhere are telling us that it it really true.

Because it wasn’t possible to exercise this last year, you can imagine my weight has increased a bit (and another bit…)

So my wardrobe needs adjustments. But, somehow I really think I have this agreement with Mr. Murphy I don’t know anything about, because after buying some fabric, my serger  broke down, and exactly the same day the shop-owner went on a holiday for a month. So, finally, last week I could buy a new serger and start sewing again.


Very simple, very easy. A blouse/tunica made with a with flowers embroidered brown linen.


As you can see the fabric is very loosely woven, which makes it quite airy and light. It’s a pleasure to wear.

I even found an old scarf that matches perfectly.


Finally, today a package arrived. I had been looking forward to it for quite some time.


Guess what was in it…..



These blankets have been on a trip abroad. Where they went? I’m afraid I can’t tell you yet! But it was a huge surprise to me, and I will tell you all about in a little while.

Groetjes, Dorien